Electric Welcome Mat

2009-11-20 06:18:53 by SolomonRMoriarty

So this is newgrounds...mmm not to shabby.

Anywho proudly being one of the many new members joining this site I thought it in my best interests to pitch my services. My talents lie within writing. Its what I love to do and it loves to do me. I hope sometime soon I'll write a short series or some single flash animations as long as aspiring animators are willing to help me by animating/drawing.

I also feel I'd be a good voice actor; or atleast I'd like to get into it. I'd really like to give voice acting a go soif anyone needs a voice for a villian or a hero or a strung out meth addicted nun still trying to get out of the streets and keep it real then I could very well be your man!

Just message me if you're interested in my services. Much Obligued Newgroundians

(I'll make some sample voice files soon)

Sincerely Solomon.R.Moriarty